South Pacific Specialist

Experience In:

  • Anything and everything for anyone!

Ana has been sending many happy people to the South Pacific for over 22 years. She has been fortunate enough to have traveled to all of our islands and loves every single destination for its own uniqueness. "You really cannot grasp the beauty and stunning colors the islands have to offer until you travel there for yourself. Even then it will seem surreal," she says. Ana specializes in honeymoons, family trips, friends vacations and “just because” getaways.

Favorite Activities:

  • Enjoying a refreshing beverage whilst catching sun rays!
  • Feeding the colourful fish a baguette right off the beach
  • Dining on local flare like Poisson Cru or Kokoda (fish salads)
  • Taking in breathtaking views of pristine, crystal clear waters and simply doing nothing

Favorite Tours:

  • Snorkeling with Sting Rays and Reef Sharks on a spectacular Moorea Lagoon Cruise
  • Having a private swimming lesson with an extraordinary dolphin
  • Visiting a pearl farm and enjoying local hospitality
  • Kayaking through mangroves and hiking up to waterfalls