Tikehau Travel Destinations

Tikehau travel is the equivalent of a detox: You land in a tiny airport on a slender atoll, are whisked off via motorboat to an intimate resort set amid soft pink sand, and spend your Tikehau vacation suspended in a swaying hammock and snorkeling a serene aquamarine lagoon. Yes, this idyllic atoll, considered one of the most beautiful in French Polynesia, is an instant cure for an overscheduled lifestyle. It’s also a low-key romantic alternative (or add-on) to Bora Bora and a terrific dive locale. What Tikehau doesn’t have is crowds – unless you count the fish.

Home to just 400 residents, whose primary source of income is fishing, Tikehau is a place where life is centered on the lagoon. As a guest here, you’ll enjoy this vivid blue expanse circled by tiny white-sand motus not only while snorkeling and diving (there’s a tremendous concentration of brightly colored parrotfish, triggerfish and lionfish – so many species that Jacques Cousteau once declared it the richest atoll on earth), but also while Jet Skiing or taking a lagoon excursion to Bird Island or to a remote motu. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back a few centuries as you relax on a castaway picnic by helping your guide catch fish and dehusk coconuts to make your delicious poisson cru (raw fish marinated in coconut milk and lime) lunch.

Other activities on Tikehau are equally down to earth: a sunset massage beside the lagoon with vanilla-scented monoi oil, a stroll or bicycle ride through the friendly village of Tuherahera, dining on fresh fish prepared in a French-Polynesian fusion style and served beneath blazing tiki torches, and feeling utterly stress-free as a gentle breeze shimmies the thatched roof of your bungalow and you’re totally content to be entertained by fish splashing in the lagoon. This, too, is real life.

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Pink Sand Motu Picnic

Play "Castaway" on your private pink sand islet, set in the transparent waters of the Tikehau lagoon, only a 30-minute boat ride from your resort. Swim with colorful tropical fish and explore this natural paradise. Enjoy a picnic lunch and a day of pure relaxation.