Taha'a Travel Destinations

Taha’a Tahiti – try saying that five times fast! Known as “The Vanilla Island,” Taha’a earned its nickname by producing some of the world’s finest vanilla and you’ll enjoy that deliciously comforting scent practically everywhere you go: from small, family owned farms where you can see first-hand how these fragrant beans are painstakingly grown and dried to the dining room of a five-star resort where perfectly grilled mahi-mahi with vanilla sauce is just one of the vanilla-infused items on the menu. And aside from its heavenly natural air freshener, Taha’a is also blessed with one of Tahiti’s most magnificent lagoons, so pale and translucent that you can walk several hundred yards from your overwater bungalow in warm tranquil water that’s never more than waist-deep.

Taha’a’s transcendental lagoon also washes upon pristine white-sand beaches and shelters a kaleidoscope of neon-hued reef fish in snorkeling coves that rank as Tahiti’s finest. It’s not unusual for couples to spend hours immersed in this magical realm spotting parrotfish, triggerfish, starfish, sea cucumbers and even small reef sharks. Divers, too, will be delighted by the seamounts and drop-offs ready to be explored in the lagoon that stretches between Taha’a and neighboring Raiatea.

Taha’a travel is decidedly upscale and yet refreshingly unpretentious. The ring of idyllic motus that surround the flower-shaped main island are home to two private-island resorts where you’ll be pampered in spacious thatched-roof overwater bungalows and beach suites, be massaged into a beyond blissful state with vanilla-scented monoi oil, and stare at the silhouette of Bora Bora’s Mount Otemanu in the distance as the blazing Tahitian sun sets on yet another perfect Taha’a day. And because Taha’a’s dozens of tiny deserted motus are the ideal spot to steal away for some alone time, you can ask to be dropped off on one with not much more than a well-stocked picnic basket and plenty of sunscreen – to protect those usually covered up places that you may unexpectedly feel free to expose.

Popular Sightseeing and Tours

Ask and our experts at Islands in the Sun can help you with a range of Tahiti excursions and sightseeing needs.

4WD Mountain Safari

4WD Safari

An unforgettable trip with spectacular views, fruit tasting and vanilla plantation. Learn the importance and uses of various plants in Polynesian culture.

4WD Mountain Safari

Private Motu Picnic

Indulge yourself with a private half-day excursion in the turquoise lagoon, including a visit to a black pearl farm and a special Tahitian lunch for two with wine on the beach.

4WD Historic & Religious Sites

Explore Raiatea's numerous archaeological sites, including French Polynesia's most famous and best preserved Taputapuatea marae (temple).