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Huahine island has a sparkling blue lagoon, beautiful white-sand beaches and lush green peaks – just like French Polynesia’s more-well-known Society Islands (Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora) of which it is part. But Huahine, which is actually two islands linked by a bridge over a pair of deep and dramatic bays, also has a river full of rare blue-eyed eels. These and other natural assets have earned it the nickname Tahiti’s “Garden of Eden.”

Huahine travel is all about discovering the languid pace of old Polynesia. While Captain James Cook called it Hermosa (Spanish for “beautiful”) when he first saw the island in 1769, the Tahitian name, a variation of “woman,” is said to have been inspired by the silhouette of a mountain that resembles a pregnant woman. It’s no secret this island is fertile as any drive around its lush perimeter reveals. Huahine’s massive lagoon is also a great place from which to admire its rugged green landscape, either by motorboat or Jet Ski. Another great vista point for the adventurous is Mount Turi, with its lookout point accessible via a moderate hike from Fare Village, the island’s largest town and port.

Expert surfers will also find a number of passes where they can ride massive curls while divers can explore unheralded dive sites with yellow coral gardens – and even giant coral roses – and a proliferation of eagle rays. The island is also home to the largest concentration of pre-European marae in French Polynesia, so if your interests include legends and lore, you can hire a guide and learn about Huahine’s mythology. Among those mysteries are the sacred blue-eyed eels of Faie, massive three-to-six-foot black freshwater dwellers with voracious appetites for fish handed out by guides and other locals. But of course – what would the Garden of Eden be without serpents?

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4WD Mountain Safari

4WD Archaeological Sites

Embark on an exploration of the ancient past with an archaeological tour among the network of historic maraes (ancient temples). As well as these religious and mythical sites, you will see stone fish traps, Fare village – the largest town on the island – and giant blue-eyed eels. Tour operates daily, except Sunday.