Best Asian Destinations

It’s no secret — the top Asia destinations are the places you’ve long dreamed of visiting: Bali and Thailand. Both are not only popular destinations in Asia, but also ideal locales for a spa vacation, romantic getaway, destination wedding, honeymoon, or exotic family adventure. Plus, Asia vacation destinations offer a unique kind of cultural immersion — both Bali and Thailand are steeped in music, dance, artistry and spirituality — that stays with you long after you’ve arrived back home.

Bali is a one-of-a-kind island in the Indonesian archipelago that’s crisscrossed by rice paddies and dotted with thousands of Balinese Hindu temples. Its resort areas range from the panoramic beach retreats of Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Seminyak to the lush green interior jungles surrounding the village of Ubud. As daily life zips by on scooters holding entire families of five or mesmerizes you as small groups of women make silent offerings of fruit and incense at omnipresent temples, you’ll soak it all in and realize you’ve discovered one of the most alluring islands in Asia.

Among the most popular destinations in Asia, Thailand brims with color and an enthralling spiritual vibe centered on its Buddhist culture. Elaborately gilded temples are Thailand’s top tourist draws but are equaled in beauty by its beaches, especially in the south, on and around the sunny island of Phuket, where the pale turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea are ideal for snorkelers and divers. And Thai food — it’s so delicious you’ll want to take cooking classes when you get home!


Bali’s genius is in its details, from the syncopated movements of its dancers to the exquisite woodcarvings of its artisans. The island’s temples resonate with reverence while its many beaches attract surfers. Emerald-green rice paddies are a photographer’s dream, as are the delightfully mischievous macaques of Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest.


Gilded temples, silken textiles and cuisine bursting with mouthwatering flavors make Thailand a destination that awakens the senses. Its relaxed and sunny islands are the perfect counterpart to bustling Bangkok and the exotic elephant-centric river villages of the north. You’ll never tire of its spiritual ambience or its scenery.